Study plan


  1. Rewiring: It’s About Mindset
  2. Turning Passion Into Purpose
  3. Becoming More of Yourself
  4. Youth of A Different Kind
  5. Physical Activity
  6. Learn. Laugh. Live. Love. Leap.
  7. It’s Nonsense: Ditching Your Limiting Beliefs
  8. Welcoming the REAL you


  1. Destroying Mental Blocks, Developing New Habits
  2. Unleashing Your Dark Side: Finding Your Purpose-Driven Passion
  3. Determining Your Best ‘Angle’: Accelerate Your Strength
  4. Meditation & Visualization Exercise
  5. The KICK-ASS mentality
  6. The New Cool is Smart and Kind: Social Entrepreneurship Through A Looking Glass
  7. The Misconception of Creativity
  8. Kindly Creative and Creatively Kind


  1. Release the Kraken: Introduction on Starting up Your Social Business. What are the things you need to consider?
  2. Geeks Rule: How Technology Change Our World
  3. Happiness Matters: How to Create A Great Team, Inspire Others, and Be Happy.
  4. Flesh It Out in A Flashy Way: Developing Your Social Business Plan


  1. Where Does All My Money Go?: Taking Care of Your Financial Resources
  2. It’s Happening Soon: Developing the Business Plan
  3. Pitch Perfect: Getting Your First Few Funders/Buyers/Believers and Keep It Rolling
  4. Feedback from mentors 

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