The experience

Experience the world

Meet other KICK-ASS youths from all around the world. Culture collides. World-class mentors who are experts in their fields. You’ll meet worldwide supporters, potential business partners, and definitely a couch to crash on when you’re traveling around the world from now on! Meet your new cheerleaders and support system. They are a part of this global movement with you. The movers & shakers!

Access to $$$ 

We have created ‘Fund the Dream’–literally, this is your access to money while you build your dream. After finishing your one-month course with GPS University, you will have the opportunity to apply for money. No strings attached.


Learn like you’ve never learned before. There will be plenty of spontaneous surprises for you during the course of the program. It’s going to be awesome.

World-wide Media Coverage

We’ve partnered with several well-known magazines around the world. Wait for more stories about us, or about YOUR social business there, soon!

Access to World-Class Social Entrepreneurs

You have the chance to ask questions and soak up the knowledge from our carefully selected group of visionaries, mavericks, and all-around awesome and successful people; who are constantly trying to help others while making the world a better place to live in.


There will be ample opportunities to work with other like minded Movers & Shakers. Also, we will ask YOU to teach the group, if you’re up to the challenge! It’s totally optional, yet we know that you have valuable insights and experience to share. Don’t worry of being judged. You’re in a safe zone.


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