The ‘Classroam’

No, that’s not a typo. We believe in classroam instead of classroom–because we believe that knowledge should roam free in the world, and not limited to a room with four walls. Moreover, we believe in finding a beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring environment for you to study while (and even after) you’re in GPS University.

Thus, your classroam can move from one exotic place to another: the beach, the park, the village, the mountain, the street-side, the small coffee shop with a vintage bookstore on the basement. Your seat is the white sand, a beach mat, the sun-bed, the grass, the floor, the couch. The world out there is full with things that can inspire us and spark some great ideas inside our mind. Not to mention that it’s healthy being in the outdoors and interact with the nature–both for your body and soul!


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