Movers & Shakers

Hi! Hanny and Gwen here!


Our story starts in beautiful Bali (which is where all stories should start 😉

Our worlds collided when we attended an amazing 3 day conference called Awesomenessfest. Gwen flew in from Toronto, Canada, Hanny from Jakarta, Indonesia.

When the conference ended – we may have went our separate ways; however, through the luck of the universe Gwen missed her flight back and was ‘stuck’ in Bali for two days.

So she met up with Hanny and a few of the Awesomenessfest attendees who stayed a few extra days (smart people).

Over wheat grass shots and raw lasagna at the Yoga Barn, we started sharing our passion for education.

Synergy and entrepreneurial sparks flew and the idea for GPS University was born.

It has been an incredible experience working together on GPS University (a big shout out to Skype for making it possible to create a company from opposite sides of the planet  ;).

We’ve learned that no matter which side of the world you’re from, at the core we all want the same things – and are all in it together.




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