Who’s eligible

GPS University

We’re looking for enthusiastic KICK-ASS youth aged 18-24 from ANYWHERE in the WORLD!

All sessions (online and offline) will be conducted in English, thus a certain level of proficiency in English (verbal + written) is necessary. You’ll be going through a lively and fast-paced learning experience for one full-month, and 100% of it will be conducted online, thus please make sure that you have reliable access to the Internet during the program. Communications and mentoring sessions will be conducted via email, Google Hang Out, or Skype, and some lectures will be conducted via YouTube. When we said we’re looking for KICK-ASS youth, this is what we have in mind:


You think kindness in underrated. You know that it’s an important value you hold dearly in life. You know how the world will be a better place if people are being kind to each other–and you want to be that person who see kindness everywhere you go!


You have big dreams. You know you’re meant to create or build something big that makes a global impact in the world. You believe in the possibility of your imagination.


You question the status quo. You wonder (like we do) why young people are spending thousands of dollars on post secondary education when they are unsure of whether it is their true calling. You always wonder about how things work, why things are the way they are, and how to make things better.


Not necessarily A+ in math kind of smart (although that’s cool too). You’re savvy. You recognize that there ‘has to be a better way’ to create a fulfilling life for yourself. You also recognize that the best way to  discover who you is through experiences.


You are ready to take the leap and discover what’s beyond your comfort zone. You are eager to experience all that life has to offer.  You are the kind of person who wants to know how far you can go, and wants to create your own adventure! For these reasons, you are excited about the idea of entrepreneurship. It sounds like a big adventure!


You are confident with who you are and what you want to do in life. Maybe you still don’t know how things will turn out, or where to start, but your ‘GPS’ is switched on. You know what you’re good at, you’re proud of it, and you have the confidence to share your unique talent and personality with the world.


You are passionate and enthusiastic about life. You are not afraid to have fun and let yourself shine. You are willing to show the world who you really are–and living life to the fullest!

Image courtesy of PhotoStock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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