Why we’re here

GPS University

Because we HAVE EXPERIENCED it all, just like YOU.

The confusion. The fear. The restlessness. The doubts that we’re not good enough to simply be ourselves and show who we really are.

Because when we were your age we realized that we did not talk about these things as much as we should. We did not have a thorough discussion about our passion and purpose, and the burning flame inside of us. We did not have that chance to rack our brains with successful people 10-15 years older than us on how to make a difference in the world. Because we had often been told that “It’s impossible,” or “It won’t make money,” or “You’re not talented.”

We wish we knew then what we know now. And this is why we’d like to share our experience, skills, and knowledge with you–as well as learn from you about how we can work and leap together, to collectively solve the world’s most challenging problems, one step at a time.


Image courtesy of PhotoStock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

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