How are we different

GPS University

“For a FAIR selection, EVERYBODY has to take the SAME exam. Please climb that tree,” said the teacher to a monkey, an elephant, a penguin, a fish, a seal and a dog.

If you feel like something is really (really) wrong with the above scenario when it comes to formal education, you’ll understand why we’re here (and—most probably, why you’re here at the first place). We do believe that each one of you is unique. A unique person with your own unique talent, and your own unique purpose. With this being said, we’d like to customize your learning experience with us so it truly embodies who you are–not only as a ‘student’ or an aspiring social entrepreneur, but also as an individual.

We’re emphasizing on a WELL-BALANCED curriculum covering MIND, BODY, and SOUL, based on YOUR UNIQUE skills, curiosity, and personality.

With our Learn, Laugh, Live, Love, and Leap approach, we’d like you to experience it all. You’re supposed to love what you learn. You’re supposed to be laughing and having fun in the middle of doing it. You should be living your life to the fullest and learn how to love completely along the way. You will ‘leap’ by diving deeper into the mind and heart of world’s best social entrepreneurs to know that we’re here not only to turn you into a social entrepreneur; but we’re also here to help you becoming more of yourself.


Because we need to love it to make it feel good. Because we need to concentrate more on our strengths and focus more on what we’re good at. Spend more time doing the things we enjoy doing, because it’s going to make us happy from the inside out. We become a much better person when we are truly happy. And when we become a much better person, we do a much better work for everyone around us and for humanity in general.


Because passion alone is overrated. Because to keep going, we need something that drives us and fuels us from the inside. It’s like a burning flame that makes us feel strongly against or towards something. We need meaning to our passion. Our passion will tell us what we’re good at, but our purpose will tell us why we are passionate about that particular thing and what we are meant to be.


Because kindness in underrated. Because together, we can answer the world’s biggest challenges; and collectively, we can solve the world’s biggest problems. Because success only becomes meaningful when it is shared. Because it’s sad and lonely to be ‘happy’ alone. Because we have the power to opt for goodness and the time is now.

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